Miss World 2019 Live

Miss World 2019 Live: Watch Miss World will be the 69th edition of the Miss World pageant. It will be held on December 14, 2019 at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom. “Miss World 2019 Live”

The Miss World live stream is available at the Miss World website. It is a pay-per-view situation, with the stream costing $2 for access. The pageant apparently used to live stream the event on YouTube, but they have done away with that this year.

The show will also be broadcast on local channel London Live, which is a 24-hour entertainment channel based out of England’s capital. South Africa’s SABC 3 station is also running a broadcast of the pageant, albeit on a one-hour delay, and Estrella TV will air the Spanish-language telecast beginning at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

The pageant finals will feature the Top 40 being narrowed down to one winner. The 40 quarterfinalists were determined via six different preliminary competitions and events: the Head-to-Head interview challenge, the Top Model challenge, the Sports Day challenge, the Talent Challenge, the Multimedia Challenge and the Beauty With a Purpose event.

Here are the results so far:

Head-to-Head Top 10

Miss Guyana Joylyn Conway
Miss India Suman Rao
Miss Mexico Ashley Alvidrez
Miss Moldova Elizaveta Kuznitova
Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha
Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas
Miss Paraguay Araceli Bobadilla
Miss Philippines Michelle Dee
Miss Trinidad & Tobago Tya Jane Ramey
Miss Venezuela Isabella Rodriguez

Winner: Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas
First runner-up: Miss Vietnam Luong Thuy Linh
Second runner-up: Miss India Suman Rao
Third runner-up: Miss France Ophely Mezino
Fourth runner-up: Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande

Sports Day Competition

Winner: Miss British Virgin Islands Rikkiya Brathwaite
Second Place: Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas
Third Place: Miss Trinidad & Tobago Tya Jane Ramey

Talent Competition

Winner: Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh
First runner-up: Miss British Virgin Islands Rikkiya Brathwaite
Second runner-up: Miss Canada Naomi Colford
Tied for fourth: Miss Armenia Liana Voskerchyan and Miss Malta Nicole Vella

Multimedia Challenge Winner

Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha

Beauty With a Purpose Top 10

Miss France Ophely Mezino
Miss India Suman Rao
Miss Indonesia Princess Megonondo
Miss Malaysia Alexis SueAnn Seow
Miss Mongolia Tsevelmaa Mandakh
Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha
Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas
Miss Tunisia Sabrine Mansour
Miss Venezuela Isabella Rodriguez
Miss Vietnam Luong Thuy Linh

We have five women we think are ones to watch during the pageant finals. First, the women who finished in the finals for the most preliminary competitions are Miss India Suman Rao and Miss Trinidad & Tobago Tya Jane Ramey with three each, and Miss Nigeria Nyekachi Douglas with four.

Secondly, out of the four women with the highest global vote total, two of them also made the Top 10 in two preliminary competitions — Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha and Miss Vietnam Luong Thuy Linh. Those five women are our winner predictions for the 2019 Miss World pageant.

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